Prices 2019


At Blue Rock, you can tailor build your fishing trip yourself by choosing a combination of hours and number of rods you want to fish. The longer you fish, the cheaper the hour pay will be. You can share the roods between you, so 3 persons can e.g. fish with 5 rods if they wish and there are no extra charge for non-anglers.
1 £ = 8,75 kr. (at the moment).


Normal Prices:

  • The first 12 hours cost: 20kr, per rod, hour
  • The next 12 hours cost: 15kr, per rod, hour
  • Hours in excess of 24 hours cost: 10kr, per, hour

Discount Packages:

If you have the opportunity to fish on weekdays where there is better space on the lake, then you can make a bargin on our discount packages at very advantageous prices.

·       12 hours package: 12 hours fishing with 2 rods for 350kr per person

·       24 hour package: 24 hours with 2 bars for 600kr per person

·       3-day package: 72 hours with 2 rods for 1400kr per person

Only valid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, which are not holidays. Discount packages cannot be shared between two or more anglers.

Consortium / full year licence to the specimen lake. -Please contact us for more information.

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