Rules for specimen fishing


Rules for Specimen Fishing

  • The lake is open when it is fishable = ice free and it must be fished 24 hours a day.
  • Only use the number of rods booked / paid for.
  • Fishing starts only after a block / purchased fishing license has been paid.
  • Fish from other lakes or saltwater fish are not allowed to be used as bait (Danish law!). Baitfish like whitefish or trout from Blue Rock may be used as dead bait.
  • It is permitted to feed with a maximum of 1 kg of feed per block per day.
  • Feeding should be laid out in the same place as the bait hook. Therefore, use pva-bags, stick mix, feeders etc. Loose feeding from shore, with spomb and loose feed from bait boats is not allowed.
  • In the period from 1st December to 1st April, feeding must be limited and we do not recommend using feed in the winter time at all.
  • All fishing is catch & release = All fish must be gently released again.
  • Only barbless hooks are allowed. Do not use circular hooks.
  • Feed, roe, etc. must not be fished using nylon stockings, bridal veil, etc., which the sturgeon cannot digest if swallowed. Baitfish must not be popped with building foam, flamingo or other floating materials which the sturgeon cannot digest if swallowed.
  • Use large catch net or a solid landing mat when landing the fish.
  • At least 2.5 m leader must be used. The leader must be smooth (coated leader or monophile line) and have a thickness of at least 0.80mm.
  • The main line must be minimum 0.35mm braided line. However, we recommend a stronger line, such as. 0.50 mm braided line.
  • Gentle handling of all fish on land. Do not try to lift a fish that you do not sure you can lift. Fish above 10 kg must only be lifted in a sling with a hook mat underneath .
  • Fish over 50 kg must only be lifted under the supervision of Blue Rock employees or handle the fish in the water.
  • Sacking is not allowed. All fish must be released quickly.
  • Damage to fish must be reported. phone number. +45 29 91 81 91. Call if necessary. before the fish are discarded, we may be able to treat the damage. It is a good idea to always carry a Carp Care Kit yourself, so you can treat minor injuries yourself.
  • Do not fish from a boat (the consortium's members may use a boat), but bait boat must be used.
  • Crayfish must not be caught.
  • Campfire are allowed at the lake shore. -But everything must be cleaned up so that the block is left in the same good condition for the next guests.
  • Detected breaches of the rules entail this control fee of Dkr 500 / EUR 70. Rougher breaches of rules, theft of fish or other activity that damages Blue Rock fishing park economically, will be reported to the police with claims for damages.

Tight lines!

-Take good care of our beautiful fish! ;-)


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